Naa’ibe Mushkil Kusha Ho Khalq Ke Haajat Rawa, Sab Ko Aafat Se Bachana Koi Tum Se Seekh Jaae

Burhanuddin Moula RA was present in Karachi at the time of his 93rd Milaad Mubarak, an event that was reported in all local newspapers.

On the second day of Moulas RA arrival, while I was on my way to the office, I asked the Baloch driver of my three-wheeler rickshaw to give me the newspaper he had. My reaction when I read the headlines on the city killings was: ‘Oh my God’ The driver asked, ‘Kya hua, bhai?’ I informed him what I read, with some alarm.

He smiled and replied, ‘ab sab theek hoga kiyunke peeron key peer aa gaye hai.’ I asked him ‘Who?’ He replied, ‘Bohra peer.’ Moulana Mohammad Burhanuddin RA he meant.

I pressed him further and he told me this story:

“In Chakiwara, where I live, there was a family who lost their son. They did everything to ascertain his whereabouts – without success. Then one of their Bohra friends advised them to write an application that could be delivered to Burhanuddin Moula’s RA  residence in Karachi. A few days later a reply was delivered. Moula RA gave the family of the lost boy, a tasbeeh to recite daily. Three days later, their son returned. The family was overjoyed. They told their Bohra friend that they would like to express their gratitude to Moulana RA.

The mumin bhai went to Burhani Mahal with his friend’s family for didar. When the boy saw Aqa Moula RA he abruptly shouted ‘This is the man who escorted me home’.

 Till we returned back, I could see their tears flowing.

Bhai Taher Suratwala

Dubai, UAE

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