Ankh Ko Ye Tere Chehre Ki Bashashat Yaad Hai, Ilm Ke Izhaar Mein Lab Ki Fasahat Yaad Hai, Haath Ki Tere Ye Haathon Ko Hararat Yaad Hai, Jald Howe Ab Tera Didar Burhan ul Huda, Mushkila Awe To Dewe Waar Burhan ul Huda

I suffered from severe eczema (dryness) in my hands for years.

I had experimented with various creams and medication but the problem persisted.

Finally, in 1997, Amate Syedna TUS was performing the talaqqi of Burhanuddin Moula RA when I took the opportunity to present my humble araz about my hands. Moula RA looked at them and said “Main shifaa aapu chhu!” and the unbelievable reality is that a problem that had persisted for years disappeared from that very day.

Mariam Behn Hamid
Dallas, USA

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